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Discover Isadora Eden’s ethereal dream-pop sound with “Haunted.”

Colorado singer-songwriter Isadora Eden has recently released a new single titled “Haunted.”   The track is notable due to its barebones yet immersive arrangement, based on reverberated guitars and organic drum sounds. Isadora’s vocals are like a ghostly presence within the mix, floating gently and pervading the song rather than being an assertive force. Her soothing vocal style provides intimacy to the music, making it all the more engaging and easy to relate to. At about 40 seconds in, “Haunted” takes off with fuller drums and a jangly rhythm guitar that brings some brightness to the forefront but without overtaking the dream-like mood of the track. This release should be right up your alley if you enjoy artists such as Daughter , Big Thief , or Beach House . Much like the aforementioned talents, Isadora mastered the art of merging catchy melodies with beautiful textures and mesmerizing soundscapes. Find out more about Isadora Eden and check out “ Haunted ” on Spotify. You’ll also f

Sine Wave Square launches mesmerizing dream-pop project with “I Follow The Light”

  Sine Wave Square is a new collaborative project featuring guitarist Lennart Lundh (Klass II) as well as Albin Ström (Arcade Velocity) and vocalist Francis Pettersson (Francis Moon). The new trio debuted with the single “I Follow The Light,” a mesmerizing song with a haunting electronic sound. The track has an ethereal, yet uplifting sound to it. The glistening synth-based melodies work perfectly with Francis’ bright and nostalgic vocals. The song opens up midway through, with sparse drums and dense reverberated textures that add more depth to the mix. Find out more about Sine Wave Square and stream “I Follow The Light” on Spotify. You can also find the song on our playlist along with many other indie artists to discover.

Otherwise Dead unleashes its power on their single "Falling Forever," somewhere in between old-school and modern metal

  Otherwise Dead is a band from the DFW Metroplex. Its music blurs the lines between old and new, exploring classic sounds under the scope of contemporary alternative metal. Recently, the band released a single titled "Falling Forever." This song is a very direct and uncompromising exploration of modern heavy sounds. The band members get to showcase their musicianship, but it's not all about virtuosity. Great songwriting is at the forefront, and there is room for melody! Find out more about Otherwise Dead, and check out this release on Spotify . This release is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Killswitch Engage , In Flames , Avenged Sevenfold , A Shamisen Orchestra , and Trivium .

Richmond (VA) "Keep" diving intro old-school shoegaze aesthetics on new album “Happy In Here”

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Keep is quickly building a devoted following among shoegaze aficionados. The band’s recent studio album, “Happy In Here” offers a throwback sound that tips the hat to the golden age of the scene. However, there is room for incursions in post-punk, especially on the track “Air,” which sounds like an angsty take on the Slowdive school of shoegaze. From lush and ethereal clean tones to blown-out distortions and watery ambient textures, the album delivers all the staples of the genre without sounding stale or repetitive. There is also room for a mesmerizing acoustic track, “Pull The Curtain Back,” which serves as an aptly titled conclusion to a very enjoyable album. Check out this release on Spotify . You can also find some of the band’s music on our playlist , alongside other post-punk, dream-pop and shoegaze artists.

Entering Laveda’s melodic shoegaze world with “What Happens After.”

  Amidst the chaotic global scenario of 2020, NY-based duo Laveda released one of the best shoegaze-leaning releases of the past few years. Why “leaning?” Because this band doesn’t exactly offer, the same cookie-cutter sounds you would expect from most bands trying their best My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive impressions. Those aesthetics are all there, but the duo brings something more to the table. The songs on “What Happens After” aren’t only about texture. The pair strongly focuses on quality songwriting, and the lyrics are relatable and earnest, lending an air of self-awareness and introspection to the album.  From soothing vocal layers to fuzzy wall-of-sound guitar tones and driving beats, this album feels like a compendium of 20 years of indie music, borrowing ingredients from various sources to come up with something unapologetically personal. Find out more about Laveda and check out this album on Spotify . You can also find the band’s songs on our playlist alongside other shoe

5 Things To Consider When Sending Your Artist EPK

  An artist EPK ("Electronic Press Kit") is an essential component of promotional campaigns for artists. Think of it as a set of materials that media outlets can use for coverage. For instance, a blog might need a photo, an artist bio, and listening links to create a post about an artist putting out a new record. An artist press kit should feature all the essential information to make getting coverage easier. A lack of information will turn off most blogs, radios, and playlists.  For this reason, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to access your content. This article explores five things to consider when sending your artist EPK and a checklist of what to include. Keep reading to learn more. 01: Know When To Send Out An EPK When promoting an artist, do so with a set goal in mind. It's critical to use events to generate momentum for newsworthy features. By "events," I mean anything like an upcoming single release, a new album, an anniversary, or an u

Las Vegas band Mynas unleashing a no-compromise metal single: “Rise.”

  Las Vegas metal outfit Mynas had a very productive year in 2022.  Their full-length album “Violence” features nine songs representing the band’s diverse range and influences.  The single “ Rise ” is one of the highlights of the album. The fast-paced song has a shape-shifting arrangement, showcasing the band's full potential through massive riffs, tempo changes, and soaring vocals. What makes this song special is that it blurs the lines between today's metal aesthetics and the sounds of yesteryear. On the one hand, there is room for highly focused dynamics and a crisp sound. On the other, the band shows its passion for old-school sounds, especially when it comes to the biting tone of the guitars and the attack of the drum sound. The song is definitely going to be right up your alley if you like the sound of artists such as Children Of Bodom , A Shamisen Orchestra , Katatonia , Killswitch Engage , or Slipknot , among others. Check “ Rise ” the song on Spotify.

Electro Harmonix brings back their classic Slap-Back Echo

  Electro Harmonix is no stranger to making pedals that become bonafide classics. The Slap-Back Echo is definitely one of them. This retro-inspired delay effect captures a unique approach to delay popularized in the 1950s. A "slap-back" is typically not about long, sprawling delay textures. Instead, it involved short and quick-decaying delay sounds. Used on guitar, bass, vocals, or even full mixes, slap-back echo effects are known for their ability to add thickness and extra depth.  Electro Harmonix reissued their long-discontinued classic sleeper, which sounds just like the early models, but with the convenience of a reduced footprint that suits the need of modern guitar players. Find out more and check it out on EHX's official website . (This is content is not sponsored)

A different take on modern Japanese music with "A Shamisen Orchestra"

  A Shamisen Orchestra is the moniker behind Italian composer Paolo Cotrone. Although he is from Naples and grew up playing progressive music, he developed a strong interest in Japan's music and culture.  He went on to study with some of the country's most respected shamisen masters, eventually becoming the first European player to hold the sought-after "Natori" title. The budding musician deeply respects the roots of the shamisen and its ancient lore. Still, he is eager to bring some innovation to the table. The hypnotic acoustic piece " Higure ." This is a perfect example. The song swiftly combines western acoustic guitars with the assertive lead sound of the shamisen. The song's gentle flow represents only one of the many facets of Paolo's compositional breadth. The song " Aaser " is a true behemoth, with the shamisen cutting through walls of heavy guitars and synthesizers.  The artist is set to head back to Japan later this year to fin

Post-Punk meets electronic instruments on "Dark" by Dead Rituals

Italian Post-Punk outfit Dead Rituals has recently released a new single titled "Dark." The song features some familiar elements that have shaped the band's sound thus far. These include dreamy guitars, immersive shoegaze textures, and earnest lyrics with a personal flair. However, the song also offers an added emphasis on electronic sounds. It prominently features a hybrid drum kit and various synth sounds to add to the production.  The song retains a gritty alternative feel while flirting with pop elements and even bits of electronica here and there. Production duo YUME created a remix of the song, which offers a different perspective, leaning more towards the electronic elements of the production. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the band's live rendition has a raw, back-to-basic rock twist devoid of electronics. Check out the track on Spotify or Bandcamp .