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Turbo Goth is back with a new studio single and music video: "Ready For Something New"

May 2023 -   Turbo Goth has recently released an exciting new studio work titled "Ready For Something New." This one-of-a-kind piece of music allows a huge variety of sounds and influences to collide, giving the audience a varied taste of what makes Turbo Goth such a special duo. "Ready For Something New" starts with a soothing introduction, immediately giving the audience a cinematic vibe and a haunting soundscape. The song has a nostalgic flavor, combining romantic lyrics with soft-spoken vocals and many layers of melodic sounds and synth pads. The arrangement is immersive from the get-go, as "Ready For Something New" is characterized by its dreamy and ethereal quality. Yet, the vocals are tastefully crafted, echoing the dream pop sound. The singing never gets buried in the atmospheric sounds and textures, meaning the lyrics retain a very intelligible quality that makes the track stand out. Having a clear vocal performance can help people find a deeper,

Alex Kerry has recently released a new single: Bad Skies

Alex Kerry     is a singer-songwriter with a truly diverse creative scope. Their music is rooted in alternative and emo, embracing a broader rock sound with a kaleidoscopic twist.   Recently, they dropped a new single named "Bad Skies," a follow-up to their 2021 album "Oh Well." Alone in a foreign country and ready to start over with their music career, Alex has had to overcome many challenges. Still, their passion for music is an example of resilience and determination. Their sound straddles the line between energy and melancholia, going for a personal approach that people can easily relate to. The song clocks in at 5 minutes and 55 seconds. It is a perfect opportunity for Alex to branch out and allow this song to break into different artistic avenues, going for a very eclectic mix. At the same time, "Bad Skies" retains a very hands-on approach, which aligns with the artist's alternative music upbringing. The song begins with a soothing electric guita

The Tak3down is back with a new song: “Before Midnight”

The Tak3down has experimented with industrial, synth-wave, and alternative sounds to create songs that are quite nocturnal in their aesthetics but also very emotionally resonant. The pair released a new single titled "Before Midnight." This release has a dark, ethereal, and haunting sound, combining post-punk and new-wave elements. The dark bass lines and theatrical vocal delivery is reminiscent of iconic artists like Depeche Mode or Joy Division . However, The Tak3down also offers a more contemporary approach, which tips the hat off to current bands like Dead Rituals or DIIV , only to mention a few. The intro has a cinematic vibe, so much so that it is reminiscent of some of John Carpenter's early soundtracks in terms of atmospherics! The song's first verse leans towards the electronic side of the duo's sound. However, the choruses allow the guitars to shine. The second verse adds more energy with a different drum part and a grittier bass tone. The combination

The Milgram Reverie presents: Mediated Involutions

A full-length album with an experimental twist. The Milgram Reverie is a band focused on creating a personal blend of rock music. The group's sound combines various influences, from alternative to progressive, and even a dash of post-punk.   The most recent album by the band, "Mediated Involutions," is an excellent example of how the group managed to allow all of their different influences to coexist and thrive into a unique sound formula. Unpredictability is one of the most exciting elements of this entire release. In short, Each track feels like an opportunity to explore new avenues and treat the audience to a more varied listening experience. It is not always easy to branch out: balancing various elements can be quite a challenge, especially within the context of an album release. However, The Milgram Reverie is up to the task, as each song brings extra depth to the album. As the title of this release might suggest, "Mediated Involutions" stands out for being

Sun Wave Mountain Cave has recently announced a new studio work named "Familiar To Me."

Sun Wave Mountain Cave has announced its upcoming release: "Familiar To Me." The new EP is a truly outstanding example of how the band is able to combine influences like alt-folk and contemporary indie rock into a striking original formula. The songs on the EP have a very organic tone, which will immediately resonate with fans of artists like Wilco , Tom Petty , Francis Moon , or Neil Young .  However, Sun Wave Mountain Cave's approach to melody has a bright, uplifting vibe that highlights the bond between the musicians in the band.    At times melodic and introspective, at others vibrant and energetic, the EP is a musical journey where anything goes.  The new release features five songs, with each track serving as an opportunity to showcase the band's diverse stylistic range. Long-time friends before undertaking this musical adventure, the members of Sun Wave Mountain Cave are completely in sync when it comes to pursuing their dream and sharing a deeper creative visi

Experience a one-of-a-kind musical and spiritual journey with "The Tea Party Vo:5" by Ozorne

Ozorne's is an artist with a truly unique artistic background. Originally from Eswatini, a country in southern Africa, he now resides in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he continues to create his music. His talent for producing soothing and emotionally impactful music is remarkable, drawing inspiration from various cultural influences while staying true to his roots as a beatsmith. His music is focused on promoting meditative properties through entrancing textures and aesthetics. Along with his passion for music, Ozorne has a lifelong interest in martial arts, tea, and Shaolin practices. This interest was sparked by a simple cup of tea, and he has always been fascinated by wellness, mental clarity, longevity, and transformative life experiences. Ozorne's "Tea Party" series of albums is a captivating reflection of his passions and interests. Read a full and immersive article about this wonderful release on one of our favorite music blogs, The Bandcamp Diaries !

Dan Krochmal has released a new pop-rock single: "Fomo"

Dan Krochmal has announced a new single titled “Fomo". The song will be featured on the artist’s upcoming project, “Home & Holding,” which stands out as a massive milestone in creativity and self-expression from an artist who continually uses music to connect with people. The fear of missing out: we’re all familiar with the ever-so-dreaded feeling of letting life flow by while everyone else seemingly has a grand old time, except for us! It’s easy to feel left behind when experiencing the world through the scope of social media, and "Fomo" can absorb all of our energy. This song feels like a reaction to this negative mindset, as Dan uses an upbeat arrangement and relatable lyrics to fight this state of mind and focus on the brighter side.  This release's rocking yet melodic energy echoes the work of artists like Tom Petty , Ryan Adams , or Francis Moon . Still, Dan's distinctive tone adds a more intimate dimension to his artistic sensibilities. Learn more abo

Isadora Eden and Dead Rituals team up on a new dream-pop single, "Faults"

Dead Rituals and Isadora Eden have come together to release a new collaborative track, “ Faults .”   The song is a blend of Dead Rituals’ post-punk edge and Eden’s ethereal dream-folk aesthetics. “Faults” shows the synergy between the two artists with haunting yet uplifting melodies. The sparse, roomy drums collide with effect-laden guitars and mesmerizing vocals that cut through the mix. Ultimately, the song has a nostalgic 80s twist, with lyrics that explore themes of longing and the tendency to mess things up by overanalyzing situations.  “Faults” reminds us of the complexity of human relationships and how we often struggle to find understanding and connection, even with those we love. Find out more and listen via Spotify .

I Used To Be A Sparrow reissues sophomore album "You're An Empty Artist"

I Used To Be A Sparrow has recently reissued its sophomore album, “You’re An Empty Artist.” The new version features 2 explosive live recordings, serving as backing tracks to spice up the new release. The duo consists of Francis Petersson (Sweden) and Andrea Caccese (Italy), who have continued to collaborate on musical endeavors even after putting their collaborative project on hiatus. The album showcases a diverse sound, which combines the melodies of Scandinavian indie-pop with the angst of post-punk.   The album captures the perfect balance between the raw energy of a garage band and the scope of arena rock, but the pair stays true to their boundary-pushing approach, taking their music to new heights of personal and kaleidoscopic expression. Find out more and listen via Spotify .

Here's why your band needs a compact bio

As a music blogger, I always appreciate discovering a new band that catches my attention. Still, it can be a frustrating experience to look for additional information about said artist to no avail. Sometimes, finding key details about a band's background, sound, or even its members can be daunting. The last thing I need is to spend hours digging just so I can give the group some coverage! This is where a biography comes in handy.  Does your band need a compact bio? The answer is yes, and here's why: A short bio is a great way to introduce your band to new fans.  A compact bio can help introduce the band to new fans if it's well-written and readily available. The bio should include information about the band's sound, genre, and influences. A brief history of how the band came together can also be great to include. Avoid delving too deep into personal details, and don't go overboard with self-praise and mentions of accolades. This isn't a curriculum vitae or a cov