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Juhan Ongbrian and Shane Sato released a mesmerizing jazz-rock instrumental collaboration: "Changes"

  Juhan Ongbrian , a guitarist, producer, and mixer, has recently announced a new collaborative release with drummer/producer  Shane Sato : "Changes." Some artists make music that's mere entertainment. Others, however, want to create something more meaningful and unique. This is the case with Juhan Ongbrian and Shane Sato, who joined forces to create a compelling and unique piece of music. At its core, "Changes" is a remarkable example of in-depth musical storytelling.  The two musicians actually connected through a social networking app for musicians, Vampr. It didn’t take long before they realized they had a lot in common musically, so collaborating on new music was a natural step forward. This release is ultimately all about growth. It tells a tale of constant evolution and transformation, highlighting Juhan's willingness to keep exploring new musical ideas and expand his sound. Speaking of which, "Changes" is incredibly diverse in terms of the

Kem .SoL has recently unveiled a new alternative hip-hop album: "The Only Way Is Up"

  Kem .SoL has recently revealed a new studio work named "The Only Way Is Up." This release offers a timeless hip-hop flavor and a very organic vibe regarding the production's aesthetics. At times familiar, at others innovative, this release covers a lot of ground, highlighting the artist's roots in the rap scene. "The Only Way Is Up" by Kem .SoL is an amazing achievement from the artist.  This new studio work will appeal to a broad pool of listeners. In particular, Kem . SoL's music is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, J. Cole, and Dominic Fike, to mention a few. Kem . SoL's music is unique and difficult to place in specific genre categories due to his incredible style variety. However, it is safe to say that he has a lot to share with the aforementioned talents. For one thing, Kem .SoL is all about making music that is more than just plain old entertainment. He wants to connect with his listeners more deeply

A shoegaze take on Neil Young, Nirvana, Ramones and more on covers EP by Dead Rituals

  Dead Rituals has been straddling the line between Post-Punk and Shoegaze, releasing original songs and EPs since the project’s inception in 2019. Still, songwriter Andrea Caccese felt stranded and alone throughout the 2020 lockdown.   Like many artists, he found himself stuck in a small apartment with uncertainty and doubt. He didn't feel like working on original music throughout the ordeal, so he sought refuge in some of his favorite songs. This resulted in a series of cover songs shared weekly through social media over the lockdown. Instead of replicating the originals verbatim, Dead Rituals revisited the songs through the scope of post-punk and shoegaze.  Some of the songs ended up on a small EP, now available on Spotify . “Selected Covers” features a surprisingly diverse setlist. Dead Rituals offers a different spin on tracks by Radiohead, Neil Young, Mac Miller, Nirvana, Ramones, Blink-182, and even Justin Bieber. More cover songs are also available on the artist's Band

ELOUR has announced a new studio album filled with indie gems: Blood Running.

  ELOUR has recently announced the release of an upcoming studio album: “Blood Running.” In anticipation of this release, ELOUR has unveiled a single named “Fade,” one of the album's highlights. The song comes with a colorful matching music video that portrays ELOUR's “anything can happen” vibe. The record will feature 10 songs, each bringing something unique to the setlist. ELOUR’s music is highly recommended to fans of artists as diverse as Speedy Ortiz, Francis Moon , Courtney Barnett , or The Strokes , only to mention a few. This release is special because the group is working to make rock and roll fun and immediate again, cutting to the chase with a very up-front brand of energy and personality. Find out more about ELOUR , and stay tuned to receive updates on the upcoming release of “Blood Running.” The full-length is going to be available from April 21, 2023. You can also find “Fade” on our playlist ! https

The Mezcaltones introducing its fourth album: 'Agavé Soirée’

  The Mezcaltones has recently turned to digital platforms to release its most recent studio album: 'Agavé Soirée.’ The release offers a remarkably organic sound, which combines different musical styles into a distinctive formula. The opening track, “Matahri Mimi,” is a wonderful instrumental with a surf-punk vibe. The guitar phrasing is beautiful, and the vibrato bar dives add to the charm of the arrangement. There are so many special moments here, but “Not Going Home” is a catchy rock and roll stomper highlighting The Mezcaltones’ fun attitude and personality. The sound of the band is a refreshing combination of rockabilly, punk, garage, and so much more, including Mariachi music. Fans of artists as diverse as Social Distortion, The Stray Cats, and The Hormonauts should give this one a proper go! Find out more about The Mezcaltones, and do not miss out on 'Agavé Soirée.’ The release is available on Spotify and elsewhere on the web.

The Bang! Tales explores post-punk and garage aesthetics on a new self-titled EP.

The Bang! Tales is a band focusing on capturing the grit of old-school post-punk music, incorporating elements of garage and other influences. The group’s most recent self-titled EP is a perfect example of what to expect. The song “Oh! Tonite” has a 70s proto-punk flavor, with a relentless riff and hypnotic vocals. “Call Me Madeleine” follows along the same lines, offering an upbeat rock and roll attitude, this time with more focus on melody. The third track is titled “…And then comes the sun.” The melodic introduction of the guitar riff is reminiscent of iconic artists like Johnny Thunders. At the same time, the vocals have a deeper sound that might remind the audience of early punk groups like The Avengers. “The Thrill” is perhaps the fastest and rawest song on the album. The guitar riff is bare-bones but extremely powerful and punchy, capturing the primal essence of what makes rock music so immediate and true. Lastly, “My Lula” is an outstanding curtain closer.   This new release f

Get lost into Rene Erickson's mesmerizing acoustic instrumental: Never Gone.

  Rene Erickson is a singer-songwriter with an intimate, direct sound. The artist has recently put out a song titled “Never Gone.” The track begins with the artist tuning the guitar, giving it a spontaneous, candid feel. It’s like being in the room with the artist moments before the start of a song. The sound of the acoustic guitar is very immersive and melodic. The deep down-tuned drone of the lower string accompanies the harmonics and gives way to a very vibrant and powerful sound. Fans of artists such as Andy McKee , ASO , or Alan Gogoll will most certainly be able to appreciate this beautiful piece of music. If you do enjoy “Never Gone” by Rene Erickson, check out the artist’s full-length album. The release is titled “Silent Street”, and it features eleven beautiful instrumental guitar songs. The album has a soothing, balanced sound, which offers a relaxing and calming listening experience. Listen to “Never Gone” on Spotify .

The Wisers unveiled “lost” progressive punk EP from 2010

The Wisers was a punk rock band from Naples, Italy. The rather short-lived project made two EPs and one full-length album between 2006 and 2010. The band's sound evolved from a traditional 90s pop-punk sound into something more progressive and experimental. The band’s 2010 EP, “The Fall,” sounds like Green Day trying to cover songs from The Mars Volta. It’s a portrait of a band trying to come out of a box and trying to push its formula as far as it would stretch.  The single " Unsocial Networking " is a scorcher with a speedy tempo and biting vocals. " The Crossfire " is the EP's most experimental track, diving from alternative sound a-la Foo Fighters into a fusion of funk, progressive, and classic rock influences. " Walking On Ice " is a riff-based tune with an intricate set of guitars in the verses and a monolithic wall of sound in the choruses. There's also room for a moody interlude track (" The Fall Begins ") and a soft-spoken a

Check out The Birthdays’ jangly indie gem “Bunny”

The Birthdays is a rather mercurial and elusive recording project, which came to life as a collaboration between Ben Grey (of Dear Boy ) and Jackson Phillips of the band Day Wave . Once they could cut out a window of spare time from their respective projects, the two teamed up to record a few new songs under a new band name, marking the start of a new adventure in music. The pair’s single “Bunny” garnered momentum about a year ago, and it’s easy to see why. The song has an immediately endearing twist, and the bare-bones production highlights the spontaneity at the core of this project. The drum beat is simple yet edgy and direct. The jangly electric guitars drive the mix and merge with the essentialist bass line to perfection. The vocals have a lo-fi sheen that makes them feel understated yet present.   The guitar hooks are incredibly catchy, and the song’s vocals are memorable and uplifting. This track is a perfect example of making dream-pop with a fuzzy edge, making us want more fr

Avenue Army has released a new single: Favorite Enemy

Avenue Army is a band focusing on capturing that unmistakable early 2000s alternative rock vibe. The group’s recent release, “Favorite Enemy,” has a massive tone that might remind the audience of the big guitars, deep bass, and punchy drums of that magical era of heavy-yet-catchy rock music!  The vocals are very characterful, offering a melodic twist that echoes the work of artists like Incubus but also offers some extra swag in the vein of Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers ! The song begins with a textural drone, giving way to a heavier guitar sound that sets the bar higher in energy and attitude.   This song is highly recommended to fans of artists as diverse as TOOL , A Shamisen Orchestra or Alice In Chains , only to mention a few. Don’t miss out on this explosive single, which is currently available on Spotify !

SIR-VERE recently announced a new studio work: "LOVESCOPE"

  SIR-VERE has recently announced a new studio album titled "LOVESCOPE". This fantastic studio work is a perfect example of what this band is all about in terms of personality and inventiveness, highlighting their remarkable ability to seamlessly open up to different creative ideas and take their music to a whole new level. Is there anything better than the energy of alternative combined with the punch of electronica? It's hard to match this unique combination of styles, let alone let it become a truly winning personal creative formula! However, this is definitely what SIR-VERE have accomplished in this release. The resulting studio work is so engaging, passionate and effortless, so much so that the audience is going to want more from these talented performers, who have not settled into their comfort zone and have continued to explore new ideas and take their music to a whole new level of professionalism and appeal. This album captures the essence of real post-punk music

NYC's nxtime has released a new single: "Medicine"

  nxtime is a band with a truly broad musical focus. Its sound blurs the lines between indie-pop, electronic music, and alternative aesthetics. The group’s most recent release, “"Medicine,"” is a catchy and one-of-a-kind track that offers a refreshing juxtaposition of textures. The instrumental is warm and mesmerizing, focusing on bouncy synth bass lines and mesmerizing atmospheres. On the other, the production of the vocals is extremely smooth and modern, tipping the hat off to contemporary pop (Justin Bieber’s excellent album “Justice” comes to mind, drawing comparisons in terms of the mood and clarity of the vocals). The NYC band has been around since 2019. Members Ray Rubio (Vocalist, songwriter, producer), Nate Christensen (guitar, production), and Imhotep Williams (Drums) managed to concoct a sound that feels catchy and accessible but also layered and enticing. nxtime’s music is like a crossroads where various influences coexist halfway. From the lush textures of 80s-i

Jannik Kiss introduces a mesmerizing yet dance-friendly texture with a new work: Pratum.

Jannik Kiss  is a music producer with a diverse and lush sound.  The artist's most recent work is titled Pratum. It stands out as a genuinely distinctive example of making modern electronic music infused with soothing atmospherics and clever arrangements. The concept of the album title and the song name refers to the botanical definitions of certain plants and flowers, making for a smart aesthetic.  Jannik Kiss  is a true master at building dynamics. Each track has its "peaks and valleys" in all the right places, while the album tracklist is coherent and balanced. On Pratum, there is also room for various musical collaborations. ASHTERRIX appears on two tracks, "Hedera Helix" and "Taraxacum Cara," while Lèon Barbot hopped on "Coffea Risers." The guests add more color and variety to the album's flow, making for an interesting secret ingredient to the formula! Find out more about this artist, and listen to Pratum . This release is currently