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Mamimi's Cigarette presents debut release: Genevieve

Mamimi's Cigarette is a band with a distinctive sound. The group’s diverse creative formula is a combination of alternative rock, post-punk and more, going for a very diverse and one-of-a-kind touch. The band’s debut single, "Genevieve", begins with a mellow guitar part and it opens up into an energetic indie tune, with 16th-note hi-hat patterns and soaring guitars. The vocals are very relatable, bringing melody and energy to the mix in equal doses.  The bass line isn’t simply doing the root notes but adds more articulation to the groove, locking in perfectly with the beat, while also enhancing the fullness of the guitars. The track has a fast tempo and a very distinctive sound that adds depth to the mix. Overall, this song is a true indie gem, and it feels like a fantastic introduction to Mamimi's Cigarette and its energetic yet atmospheric take on indie music. This release comes highly recommended to fans of artists such as Bloc Party , The Strokes , Dead Rituals ,
  Lilac Frog has recently unveiled a new single: "How The Curtain Closes." Hailing from the UK, artist-producer Harri Hocking is the mastermind behind Lilac Frog, a unique music project with a focus on blurring the lines between various influences while retaining a very authentic twist. In particular, Harri’s lyrics are very genuine and easy to relate to, denoting his ability to use music as a form of self-expression rather than just plain old entertainment.   The artist’s most recent single, “How the Curtain Closes,” is a nostalgic song that combines exciting acoustic guitar patterns with lush synth pads and keyboards, as well as a very energetic drum beat. The vocals are melodic yet understated and spontaneous, highlighting the nostalgic flair of the lyrics. This mid-tempo track is mesmerizing and atmospheric yet also quite energetic, allowing the music to offer a broad range of sounds and qualities. While retaining a modern and catchy twist, "How The Curtain Closes&qu

Angelo Nicola Giuliano Releases A Neo-Classical Composition: "Memories of Paris"

Italian composer Angelo Nicola Giuliano has recently released a neo-classical composition, "Memories of Paris." With its nostalgic and evocative textures, this mesmerizing track takes us on a very emotional journey, reminiscent of the works of renowned artists such as Ludovico Einaudi, Alexandre Desplat, and Ron Adelaar, among others. From the moment you lay your eyes on the colorful artwork cover and hit the play button, the song immediately transports you to the notion of reminiscing about an unforgettable experience—a trip to the French capital that left an indelible mark on the composer’s soul. Paris, the enchanting city of love and art, serves as the perfect backdrop for this musical masterpiece. The song does a fantastic job at capturing the atmosphere of the city, especially if you can picture yourself out on a night stroll, soaking in the beauty and the lights of this fantastic city. "Memories of Paris" is characterized by a mellow and soft piano sound, whi

The Wild Sky has announced its debut single: “Am I Ever”

The Wild Sky has recently announced its fierce debut single, “Am I Ever.” The song kicks off with a charging drum intro which immediately sets the mood and dives into some crunchy and huge-sounding guitar riffs. The choruses are uplifting and melodic, especially due to the memorable vocal hooks and how the ride cymbal offers a super-groovy rhythm, perfectly accenting the lines “I wanna be something bigger than this.” The bridge is a fun and unique instrumental part, with a 70s rock feel that adds more to the song’s formula and infectious energy! This release is highly recommended to fans of artists such as The Black Keys , Royal Blood , Dead Rituals , Queens Of The Stone Age , and Soundgarden , only to name a few. Find out more about The Wild Sky, and do not miss out on “Am I Ever.” The band’s debut single is going to be available on streaming platforms from July 28th, 2023. @ thewildskyband

Abhi Ananda has released a new full-length album: Exulansis.

  Abhi Ananda is a singer-songwriter who recently released an ambitious and amazingly crafted album: Exulansis. Read the full article here !

King of Cups presents: “Back To You”

  King of Cups is a band with a focus on creating music that feels youthful and energetic yet incredibly punchy. In addition, there is enough room for a more emotional approach, which shines through the melodies and lyrics. The band’s most recent release, “Back To You,” is a perfect example. From the moment the song kicks off, the driving guitars and pounding drums create an infectious energy that keeps the audience hooked. “Back To You” captures the essence of King of Cups’ nostalgic flair while incorporating modern elements to the band’s take on pop-punk. The wall of guitars immediately stands out, providing the backbone to the song, along with the thunderous drums and the driving bass. The vocals, on the other hand, are incredibly layered and intense, with a melodic touch that adds more brightness to the mix. “Back To You” is highly recommended to fans of artists like Blink-182 , A Day To Remember , Sum 41 , Dead Rituals , The Ataris , or The Story So Far , only to name a few! Find

Nikolai Kravchuk explores experimental music and indie rock with his new album: HAZZY

Nikolai Kravchuk has recently unveiled his remarkably mercurial new album, HAZZY. With this release, Kravchuk takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey through various genres, including indie rock, slowcore, experimental music, and lo-fi. Comprising 10 unique songs, each track offers a distinct and immersive experience into the artist's lush and evocative soundscapes. The album kicks off with its self-titled opening track, "HAZZY," which immediately engulfs the listener with a massive wall of guitars. This attention-grabbing opener also features a collaboration with the talented artist Jude Jones, creating a seamless blend of their musical styles. The combination of powerful instrumentation and the captivating presence of Jude Jones makes "HAZZY" the perfect introduction to this compelling musical offering. While HAZZY boasts numerous exceptional moments, one of its standout tracks is undeniably "Left Behind." This particular song captivates the

Dead Rituals explores the link between shoegaze and post-punk on "How Easily"

"How Easily" is a new single by Dead Rituals , the post-punk outfit led by singer-songwriter Andrea Caccese.  With its unapologetic rawness, this song encapsulates the essence of punk while infusing it with the nuanced ambiance of shoegaze. From the opening notes, " How Easily " is relentless and energetic. The driving rhythm section provides urgency and momentum, with a throbbing bass line that drives the song. The wall of guitars takes center stage in "How Easily," weaving a hazy tapestry of distortion and melody. The sharp, biting guitar riffs surge through, contrasting with the ambient textures serving as a backdrop.  Amidst the chaos, Caccese's guitar work occasionally dips into atmospheric textures, introducing elements of shoegaze into the mix. These ethereal moments contrast the track's abrasive nature, adding a touch of introspection and depth. Listen via Spotify or Bandcamp .