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Legendary mastering engineer Bob Ludwig announces retirement.

  Bob Ludwig has long been considered one of the world's foremost mastering engineers. His career is a long-standing example of excellence, measured in terms of album sales, 13 grammy awards, longevity, innovation, reputation, and legacy. The industry guru acknowledged his retirement in a recent interview, stating that he stopped accepting new work in June 2023 and will only focus on wrapping up his last few sessions. Ludwig's retirement decision, years in the making, aligns with his legacy of integrity and trustworthiness. His name is associated with influential albums spanning several decades. His client list includes artists as diverse as Metallica, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Guns'N'Roses, and many more. Ludwig's remarkable adaptability allowed him to stay relevant for decades. His perspective is quite unique, as he actually saw many decades of music flowing through. In such a fast-paced environment, he must have witnessed trends come and go; gear falling in and o

A Shamisen Orchestra - Kaiju

  A Shamisen Orchestra - Kaiju In the realm of experimental music, genres frequently intertwine and evolve, allowing fresh sounds that offer a different perspective. " Kaiju ," a groundbreaking composition by A Shamisen Orchestra , is a prime example of this phenomenon. Seamlessly blending the unrelenting energy of hardcore and metal with the captivating artistry of the Japanese shamisen, the song has a progressive edge to it. To add to the diverse range of sounds, the music also features the ethereal textures of modular synthesizers. "Kaiju" is named after the giant monsters that are typically found in Japanese cinema and fantasy lore. Much like its namesake creatures, the song is a heavy yet immersive instrumental that defies conventional norms and pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration. The combination of distorted guitars, thunderous drums, and articulate shamisen phrasing creates a visceral experience with intense dynamics. The song shifts its mood towards

Michael Blight Boucher presents: Dark Sky.

Michael Blight Boucher has recently released a new song titled “Dark Sky.” The composition combines modern metal and alternative music with a huge sound and a roaring guitar-based arrangement. The down-tuned riffs merge well with the relentless drum beat. In addition, the instrumental feels like the perfect backdrop for Michael’s gritty vocals to unfold. This release happens to be the artist’s sophomore single. It is the follow-up to “The Reckoning,” which was released earlier this year. While the latter leans more heavily towards progressive metal, “Dark Sky” also tips the hat off to hard rock, showcasing a more old-school-inspired arrangement while retaining a modern metal component. This new song is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Stone Sour , Five Finger Death Punch , Volbeat , Dead Rituals , or Mastodon , only to name a few! Find out more about Michael Blight Boucher, and do not miss out on “Dark Sky,” which is currently available on some of the best digital streami

Is there a link between punk and shoegaze?

  Marked by its lush and dreamy wall of sound, shoegaze originated in the late 1980s in the U.K., emerging as a branch of the contemporary neo-psychedelic movement gaining momentum in those days. At first glance, the quiet soundscapes of this genre might appear worlds away from the all-out aggression of punk . Still, the connection between the two was apparent right from the outset. Early proponents of shoegaze, such as members of bands like Swervedriver, Cocteau Twins, and My Bloody Valentine, allowed their punk backgrounds to creep in, infusing elements of dissonance and distortion into the otherwise celestial domain of their music. In addition, most of these bands embraced the same D.I.Y. ethos of the punk scene. They self-produced their records, booked their own gigs, or teamed up with fledgling independent labels outside the mainstream recording industry. The haunting sonic drift of shoegaze music isn’t too dissimilar to a droning 3-chords punk riff. Both approaches favored a vis

Punk Roots: My Generations (The Who)

  Two chords and a plentiful supply of angst. "My Generation" by The Who stands as a pivotal track in rock history, and its influence on what would become punk rock is hard to deny. Released in 1965, "My Generation" predates the "formal birth" of punk by about a decade, but its rebellious spirit, raw energy, and stripped-down sound foreshadowed things to come.  With its brash sound and bold attitude, it bears the hallmarks of what would be recognized as "proto-punk" by rock music historians in hindsight. "My Generation" garnered both attention and controversy from the music press upon its release. M any reviewers praised its raw sound and defiant lyrics, but some critics were taken aback by the song's explicit rejection of societal values or even considered it a sensationalistic ploy to shock the mainstream. This controversy only added to the song's intrigue and ultimately contributed to its lasting impact and appeal. The trac

Help singer-songwriter Cory Branan & His Family Rebuild His Home

  “A country boy with a punk-rock heart,” Cory Branan has released five albums over two decades, receiving praise from fellow artists, fans, and media alike.   Unfortunately, on August 9th, the Branan family experienced a terrible disaster when their residence in Memphis was hit by a storm that caused three trees to fall onto their property, wreaking havoc on several rooms of their home. Learn more and support the artist and his family via GoFundMe .

Dead Rituals released a stripped-down acoustic take on "How Easily"

  Dead Rituals   (artist-producer Andrea Caccese) released a single titled “ How Easily ” back in June. The song delves into the passage of time and the uncertainty of the future as we move on.  "How easily we forget our hopes and dreams," Caccese sings with resignation - An attempt to reignite that spark that's slowly fading away as our days go by. While the lyrics might appear like a gesture of surrender, the instrumental has plenty of fight left in it. " How Easily " combines the mist of shoegaze with the roaring angst of post-punk, tipping the hat off to artists such as Slow Crush , Narrowhead , or even Nirvana . The newly released acoustic version of the song brings a contrasting view, stripping it all down to its bare essentials. With nothing but vocals and guitar, the urgency of the original remains, but a newfound level of intimacy takes center stage.  Spotify / Bandcamp / Youtube

An Interview with Manupalooza: DIY Punker turned travel author

Manupalooza spent many years playing in bands, organizing DIY shows, and supporting counter-culture and sustainable lifestyles. Throughout her adventures, she had the opportunity to meet people of all walks of life and backgrounds. Recently, she decided to immortalize some of those amazing experiences by writing her first book: "Grrrl On The Road." The self-published book deals with her adventures as a solo female traveler. It's also an opportunity for Manu to share more about the DIY/free cultures and underground communities that have inspired her. Keep reading to learn more, and check out our full interview with the author! Photo Credit: Minja Šarović Can you tell us more about your journey from being an active member of the underground music scene to becoming a solo female traveler? How did this transition happen? It was 2013, and I'd reached an impasse in my life as a feminist diy musician and rebel; I felt like I'd achieved everything already. I had squatted

Cassidy Belle presents: “Remember The Love” (From the album “Infinite Pulse”)

  Cassidy Belle is a singer-songwriter based in New York. She has recently unveiled her album "Infinite Pulse." This ambitious release stands out with a remarkable total of 31 tracks, a departure from the norm in today's music landscape. Amidst a focus on streaming figures, many artists prioritize singles, neglecting the immersive experience of a full-length album like "Infinite Pulse." As a result, extensive albums like this are becoming something many people miss in the music world. This album serves as a showcase of Cassidy's diverse artistic range and her versatility. The songs portray her not only as an excellent artist but also as someone who loves the power of music as a way of self-expression. She views music as a safe haven, a genuine source of happiness, and a means to relate to the complexities of existence. Infinite Pulse by Cassidy Belle One of the highlights on the album is its opening track, "Remember The Love." This song evokes nost

Jack Nolan is back with his long-awaited new album, “JINDABYNE"

Jack Nolan's most recent album, "JINDABYNE," is a record that spent quite a long time in the waiting room. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album experienced a series of delays. Eventually, the artist overcame the issues and put out an incredibly poignant and diverse piece of music, making it worth the wait. In fact, one could argue that "JINDABYNE" wouldn't be as powerful and dynamic as it is without the impact of the lockdowns. This was a period of great uncertainty and open-ended questions with no answers. People reacted in so many different ways, and Jack, as a true artist would, decided to pour his thoughts and his heart out on a collection of new original songs. As someone who has been active since the 90s, this Australian musician is no stranger to writing music that feels relatable and catchy. To make this album even more special, Jack traveled to the United States, where he teamed up with a stellar cast to bring his vision to life. The performa

soni. presents: “I’ll Keep Going.”

soni. is an artist and producer who has recently released a brand new album titled "I'll Keep Going." This new work features ten songs with a lo-fi flavor. Each track has something special to offer, as the album explores chill-wave, jazz-hop, and so many other styles, highlighting soni. 's production versatility. The compositions on this album feel alive and spontaneous due to the way sonic. combines different elements to create a powerful and evocative blend of sounds. From recordings of rainfall to spoken words, these sounds come together beautifully, making for a sense of realness. The ambiance samples and additional elements are embedded in the music, giving it a tangible quality. On the album, Soni. skillfully blends downtempo rhythms, ambient pads, and mellow hip-hop grooves to create a sonic experience that's smooth and relaxing but also very spontaneous and fresh. The opener, "nice to meet you." is a perfect mood-setter. It feels like a great in