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Peeeedro has recently released a new EP: "Dog Days”

June 2023 - Peeeedro has recently released a new studio EP titled "Dog Days." This new work will be available on streaming platforms from June 26th, and it serves as a fantastic example of what the artist is all about. Musically, Peeeedro showcases his passion for 80s-inspired sounds. His synth-heavy production style is dreamy and immersive, tipping the hat to synth-wave and disco influences. This is quite a left turn for Peeeedro, who decided to take the opportunity to expand his sonic horizons with this release and go outside of his usual stylistic patterns. In addition to the excellent music, Peeeedro also combined a compelling visual companion to the sounds. He has published a Youtube playlist with the songs, which are accompanied by some unique animated dog characters, staying true to the title of the EP. The visuals with the dogs add a fun and unique component to this release, which gives the whole EP an uplifting style. The songs are incredibly diverse, as the EP cover

Stefan Certic presents: Human

A beautiful darkwave song with a melodic synth vibe. June 2023 - Stefan Certic has just released a new single highlighting his broad scope as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.  The Serbian musician loves to play guitar, and his current axe of choice is a beautiful ESP, which has a distinctive and highly versatile tone.  His latest track, “Human,” is a true highlight, showcasing Stefan’s talent as a composer and record producer. The song also features an amazing vocal performance from Steve Sims, who wrote the lyrics. One of the first things fans will notice is the wall of haunting atmospherics and mesmerizing synth melodies. “Human” combines various influences to create a truly one-of-a-kind sound. With elements of Darkwave, Synth-Pop, and Alternative all coming together, listeners are treated to a musical experience that is both familiar and innovative. On the one hand, the song features brooding, cinematic soundscapes punctuated by bursts of lighthearted melodies. The sparse dru