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Schwerer Traum - In My Dreams

  Schwerer Traum has dropped an excellent track named “In My Dreams” back in 2022.      This is a very ethereal, hauntingly beautiful song with elements of metal and alternative rock, as well as prog-metal. The intro offers melodic chorus-laden guitar riffs alongside a big drum pattern and some deeper bass tones. At about 48 seconds in, the guitars begin to get louder and more distorted. As the energy keeps reaching the boiling point, the vocals suddenly come in, as the guitars open up in full blast at about 58 seconds in. The vocals are melodic yet soar energetically on top of the music. At times, the organic spontaneity of the vocals is reminiscent of icons such as Kurt Cobain ( Nirvana ) or Chino Moreno ( Deftones ). However, the vocal control and technical nuances in the signing offer a more refined approach reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan ( TOOL ). Comparisons aside, Schwerer Traum set out to create a piece of music with so much personality. The song feels very hypnotic and in
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Slipknot - Slipknot (A throwback review)

  This throwback review centers on Slipknot 's debut album, released in 1999, which has proven to be a timeless classic even 25 years later. The album still stands strong for its heavy sound, with brutal, uncompromising, and hard-hitting songs. The tracks on this full-length incorporate elements of various genres, such as hardcore punk, industrial, metal, and nu-metal, thanks to the clever use of sampling and electronics to augment the soundscape of the band. One of the defining songs of the album, "Eyeless," features breakbeat sampling within the context of a hard-hitting metal song, and the combination of different elements still sounds fresh and innovative to this day.   The band's trademark sound is characterized by furious down-tuned guitars, fuzzy bass, driving percussion, and Corey Taylor's unhinged vocals. Already on the band's debut, the lead singer's vocal style showcases versatility, blending intense screams with melodic clean tones and showcasi

Dylan Baldi - "On The Way To Vesuvius"

  Dylan Baldi , better known as the lead vocalist of the band Cloud Nothings, is an artist who set out to transcend his alternative rock background in order to explore the potential of experimental soundscapes and other styles.  His album "On The Way To Vesuvius," released in 2023, is a compelling collection of ethereal instrumental tracks that will take you on a journey through a diverse range of moods and textures.  on the way to vesuvius by dylan baldi The release unfolds over 7 tracks, which concoct a sparse yet rich soundscape. "Into the Green Swamp" combines swirling guitar arpeggios with organic ambient sounds, capturing the spontaneity of the performance. Another standout track from the album is "Punishing Daylight," where the artist experiments with harsh feedback sounds and glitchy chords, seemingly faltering and crumbling into one another. The composition gradually fades into a dissonant wall of noise, reminiscent of the works of renowned compos

Alkaline Trio - Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs

  Alkaline Trio has recently released their new album, "Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs," which really stands out as one of their best works to date. The band has taken a back-to-basics approach on this full-length, delivering a sound that feels pure and free of any artificiality and overly plasticky studio tricks. In other words, it's all more organic and spontaneous.  Despite the stripped-back approach, the album boasts a new complexity in terms of song structures. Matt Skiba, who spent the last decade as a member of Blink-182 , has brought some of the tricks he learned from the California pop-punkers to the table when it comes to songwriting. Not that he needed schooling: Skiba has always been a very gifted songwriter in his own right, but he stated that he was fascinated to see how a huge machine like Blink would operate at that point in their career, often starting song ideas from scratch rather than having a member bring an idea to the table for the group o work on. &quo

Mugg Man is back with a new single & video: My Town (Featuring Jon Glenn)

  Mugg Man is back with a new single & video: My Town (Featuring Jon Glenn) Mugg Man joined forces with “Jon Glenn” to release a new single titled “MY TOWN.” The track also comes with a matching music video, with visuals that capture the essence of the track to perfection. The chemistry between the artists involved is undeniable, and the track offers a diverse yet catchy and direct approach that combines the energy of hip-hop with the melodic twist of R&B.  Ash Davito, founder and CEO of “Global Keys Records,” came up with the hook of the song, produced the beat, and even composed the song! He has the amazing ability to create something powerful and dynamic by staying true to his creative vision. Ash knows how to unlock the full potential of a track, and this song definitely proves that. Find out more about Mugg Man, and do not miss out on "MY TOWN,” featuring “Jon Glenn,” which is currently available on some of the best digital platforms.

McKay has announced a new single: “Plugged.”

McKay is a band focusing on creating music that blurs the lines between different styles, including alternative and indie-folk. At times intimate and personal, at others energetic and fierce, the group’s sound is organic and easy to relate to. McKay’s most recent release, “Plugged,” offers a warm sound, highlighting the band’s retro aesthetics. The electric guitars, in particular, add a raw, edgy quality to the song, contributing to its immediacy. The harmonica parts are also outstanding, adding to the classic charm of the arrangement and bringing an emotive quality to the mix. The mid-tempo song is built on the backbone of a back-to-basic drum beat, which does a great job of propelling the music and adding some energy without overpowering the other instruments. The bass line has a plucky, bouncy tone, which is reminiscent of 60s bass tones. The mellower approach provides some low-end impact to the mix but still enables the guitars, vocals, and harmonica to stand out for their bright