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Jack Nolan is back with his long-awaited new album, “JINDABYNE"

Jack Nolan's most recent album, "JINDABYNE," is a record that spent quite a long time in the waiting room. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album experienced a series of delays. Eventually, the artist overcame the issues and put out an incredibly poignant and diverse piece of music, making it worth the wait.

In fact, one could argue that "JINDABYNE" wouldn't be as powerful and dynamic as it is without the impact of the lockdowns. This was a period of great uncertainty and open-ended questions with no answers. People reacted in so many different ways, and Jack, as a true artist would, decided to pour his thoughts and his heart out on a collection of new original songs.

As someone who has been active since the 90s, this Australian musician is no stranger to writing music that feels relatable and catchy. To make this album even more special, Jack traveled to the United States, where he teamed up with a stellar cast to bring his vision to life. The performances for this album were captured live and recorded on tape. The personnel featured producer guitarist Justin Weaver (The Chicks/Wynonna Judd), drummer Jimmy Paxson (Lindsey Buckingham/The Chicks/Ben Harper), and bassist Chris Autry (Josh Turner/Lee Anne Womack). These musicians brought their extraordinary talent and proficiency to the table, turning "JINDABYNE" into a fantastic listening experience.

Time and time again, Jack has proven that he is a true force of nature. He is not plainly an entertainer but an artist who yearns to express himself and use music as a way to deal with the world and communicate his perspective with people around him. As a true purveyor of Americana, Jack stays true to the staples of roots music while also taking the genre to a fresher perspective with his Aussie twist. Named after the New South Wales town of the same name, "JINDABYNE" feels familiar, yet nostalgic, as it truly bridges two distant sides of the world, as if there was no ocean between them!

Find out more about Jack Nolan, and check out "JINDABYNE" on Spotify.


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