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Cassidy Belle presents: “Remember The Love” (From the album “Infinite Pulse”)


Cassidy Belle is a singer-songwriter based in New York. She has recently unveiled her album "Infinite Pulse." This ambitious release stands out with a remarkable total of 31 tracks, a departure from the norm in today's music landscape. Amidst a focus on streaming figures, many artists prioritize singles, neglecting the immersive experience of a full-length album like "Infinite Pulse." As a result, extensive albums like this are becoming something many people miss in the music world. This album serves as a showcase of Cassidy's diverse artistic range and her versatility. The songs portray her not only as an excellent artist but also as someone who loves the power of music as a way of self-expression. She views music as a safe haven, a genuine source of happiness, and a means to relate to the complexities of existence.

One of the highlights on the album is its opening track, "Remember The Love." This song evokes nostalgic sentiments of love from the past, manifesting as an emotionally charged ballad infused with romantic nuances. The track boasts a captivating synth-wave influenced sound, characterized by lush atmospheric elements and a dynamic arrangement imbued with pop sensibilities. Fans of artists like Chvrches, Dead Rituals, Halsey, Dua Lipa, and Olivia Rodrigo will unquestionably resonate with this splendid release.

"Remember the Love," penned by Esrael Marcos dos Santos, features evocative lyrics that convey a yearning sensation and the hope that the deep connection between two individuals could eventually reunite them, even amidst confusion and solitude. The pre-chorus of “Remember the Love” delves into the enigmatic and at times unpredictable nature of love. Esrael aimed to communicate the notion that although time may steer us away from one another, the recollections of our affection can function as a gentle guide, illuminating our journey through life, wherever it might take us.

The chorus, in particular, strikes a poignant chord, delivering a positive message about love's enduring impact that extends well beyond the culmination of a relationship.
Cassidy’s breathtaking rendition and heartfelt vocals impeccably align with the song's lyrical essence, reflecting her commitment to the narrative. Her remarkable vocal range injects vibrant dynamics into the track, soaring from tender moments to powerful crescendos. Her artistry amplifies the song's essence, making it a truly powerful piece of music and highlighting the synergy between the writer and the performer.

 In tandem with the impeccable composition and execution, the song boasts first-rate production, characterized by a fresh and exhilarating mix.
Find out more and listen to the full album via Bandcamp. You can also check out the music video right here.


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