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Turbo Goth is back with a new studio single and music video: "Ready For Something New"

May 2023 -  Turbo Goth has recently released an exciting new studio work titled "Ready For Something New." This one-of-a-kind piece of music allows a huge variety of sounds and influences to collide, giving the audience a varied taste of what makes Turbo Goth such a special duo.

"Ready For Something New" starts with a soothing introduction, immediately giving the audience a cinematic vibe and a haunting soundscape. The song has a nostalgic flavor, combining romantic lyrics with soft-spoken vocals and many layers of melodic sounds and synth pads. The arrangement is immersive from the get-go, as "Ready For Something New" is characterized by its dreamy and ethereal quality. Yet, the vocals are tastefully crafted, echoing the dream pop sound. The singing never gets buried in the atmospheric sounds and textures, meaning the lyrics retain a very intelligible quality that makes the track stand out. Having a clear vocal performance can help people find a deeper, more meaningful connection with a piece of music, especially if they're also interested in the lyrical component of the mix.

Turbo Goth’s music is highly recommended to fans of artists as diverse as, Gorillaz, Tokimonsta, Dead Rituals, Lil Cobaine, and Leisure, only to mention a few. "Ready For Something New" is a great calling card for the duo, as well as an example of how amazing it can be when musicians embrace an open mindset when it comes to their creative approach. The combination of dream-hop, chill rap, and even heavier rock-inspired genres is one of the things that make Turbo Goth so unique.

Find out more about Turbo Goth and do not miss out on "Ready For Something New," which is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services on the web today. You can also find the track on our "Dream Punk" playlist, alongside other amazing independent artists in the dream-pop, post-punk, shoegaze, and dream-wave genres! Consider following and streaming to keep supporting the artists on it and give the algorithm a lift so tracks like this get recommended to more people who will appreciate them.

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