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The Milgram Reverie presents: Mediated Involutions

A full-length album with an experimental twist.

The Milgram Reverie is a band focused on creating a personal blend of rock music. The group's sound combines various influences, from alternative to progressive, and even a dash of post-punk. 
The most recent album by the band, "Mediated Involutions," is an excellent example of how the group managed to allow all of their different influences to coexist and thrive into a unique sound formula. Unpredictability is one of the most exciting elements of this entire release. In short, Each track feels like an opportunity to explore new avenues and treat the audience to a more varied listening experience. It is not always easy to branch out: balancing various elements can be quite a challenge, especially within the context of an album release. However, The Milgram Reverie is up to the task, as each song brings extra depth to the album.

As the title of this release might suggest, "Mediated Involutions" stands out for being a relatively introspective piece of music. Rock is overall regarded for its high energy, but this doesn't mean that bands aren't able to dive deeper into a more personal realm with their songs. This is the case here, as The Milgram Reverie went to great lengths to bring some extra textural elements to the songs on this record. In addition to the walls of electric guitar that you might expect from an alternative rock album, you will also find many lush and ethereal ambient tones that bring the music to a different plane. 

Throughout the 11 tracks on the album, The Milgram Reverie set out to expand the sonic horizons of this release by including a broader range of instruments. In addition to electric guitars, bass, and drums, listeners will find other folk instruments that aren’t as common to rock music. These include the dulcimer, diruba, santoor, harp, strings, and many more. 

Having such a diverse array of instruments on the album takes the sound design to another level and allows the band to take their version of the rock into more cinematic territory. As a result, the tracks on this album are quite evocative, making "Mediated Involutions" an incredibly immersive experience for the audience.
The intro track, “Hypnopomp,” is a good mood-setter. The haunting yet energetic sound immediately welcomes the audience into the sonic lore created by the band. The song “Lady Of The Stars” is also an excellent introduction to the band's incredibly versatile approach, at times reminiscent of artists like Radiohead. This is one of the most personable tracks on the album, and it shows the vast dynamic range that this record embodies.

“Chronotropes” is one of the most notable highlights of this release. The intricacy of the rhythm section is awe-inspiring, and it is incredible to witness how this song can be so heavy while so nuanced and richly detailed. This kind of song showcases the band’s focus on arrangements, something that makes this album so spot-on. 

Overall, "Mediated Involutions" is a remarkable full-length release. It is even more impressive considering that we live in the age of singles, and most bands are missing out on delivering such a full-ranging listening experience to their fans. Granted, singles are a great way to get the word out, but all those like this are a gateway into the vision of a band like "Mediated Involutions," and the overall concept allows the audience to form a much deeper bond with the music and the aesthetics of the band.

The sound of this album is particularly notable because of the versatility displayed by the band. Each song has something unique; there is always room to explore new and exciting musical ideas. From roaring guitar sounds to hypnotic melodies and unexpected groove patterns, this record shows that rock music can still be a vehicle for experimenting while keeping things accessible and spontaneous.
The Milgram Reverie is highly recommended to fans of artists like TOOL, Incubus, Dead Rituals, Deftones, and Hundredth, only to mention a few.

Find out more about The Milgram Reverie, and do not miss out on this new studio album. This release is currently available on Bandcamp and other digital streaming services.

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