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SIR-VERE recently announced a new studio work: "LOVESCOPE"


SIR-VERE has recently announced a new studio album titled "LOVESCOPE". This fantastic studio work is a perfect example of what this band is all about in terms of personality and inventiveness, highlighting their remarkable ability to seamlessly open up to different creative ideas and take their music to a whole new level.

Is there anything better than the energy of alternative combined with the punch of electronica? It's hard to match this unique combination of styles, let alone let it become a truly winning personal creative formula! However, this is definitely what SIR-VERE have accomplished in this release. The resulting studio work is so engaging, passionate and effortless, so much so that the audience is going to want more from these talented performers, who have not settled into their comfort zone and have continued to explore new ideas and take their music to a whole new level of professionalism and appeal. This album captures the essence of real post-punk music, with a sound falling between the old-school scene and the contemporary guard. This release features a whopping 11-song setlist. This is particularly impressive in this day and age, as bands are focusing on releasing singles over full-lengths to sort of appease the streaming algorithms. The sad part is that most fans might miss out on the amazingness of a full-on listening experience that only an album like "LOVESCOPE" can deliver. There is nothing like getting lost in a set list that offers a real sonic journey! 

"BAD GUY KINGDOM", is a great taste of what the audience can expect. The song has a biting, aggressive sound, but at the same time, it is very catchy and rhythm-driven. This "Punk hits the dance floor" approach makes the music all the more diverse and relatable! There are so many wonderful highlights on the album. The opener, "ANGEL OF DEATH", is as dark and haunting as the title might suggest. It immediately sets an aesthetic benchmark for the album, guiding the audience through the listening experience. The title track is an excellent combination of iconoclast post-punk antics a la P.I.L. with more contemporary tones. Another notable highlight is the song "PEER PRESSURE," which also happens to be the album's lead single. This song feels like a night out at a club, taking a wrong turn at some point, painting a dystopian picture. Driven by a backbone of drums and bass part, this song almost nods at earlier punk groups like Crass but adds a distinctive set of electronic sounds that give the song an acid, post-psychedelic flair. “THE CRAZIES” is another salient song on the album, and it is going to be the next single to be released with a special edit! 

Ultimately, this album as a whole is raw and extremely kaleidoscopic. It embraces the spirit of punk but not the cliches of it, meaning that it is not your usual "Marshalls all out on ten" type of sound. It's more of a groove-based dynamic, where the vocals offer much personality and character. The lyrics are indeed quite upfront, and an element of storytelling makes the music all the more personal and relatable. At times more hermetic and introspective, bold and full of statements, the music offers a conceptually diverse range of ideas, in line with the band's hard-hitting and uncompromising brand.

People who like artists such as The Prodigy, New Order, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Sleaford Mods, Joy Division, and Nine Inch Nails are most definitely going to enjoy this particular release, not only because of how the music offers such a varied set of sounds but also on account of how the entirety of the arrangement feels so relatable and well-produced. 

"LOVESCOPE" is an impressive calling card for a band with something to say.

Find out more about SIR-VERE, and listen to "LOVESCOPE", currently available on some of the best digital streaming services on the web today. You will also be able to find one of the band's songs on our Spotify playlist, which you can follow and stream if you want to support amazing artists like SIR-VERE! 

You can also find the band on Instagram and Bandcamp.

We also had the opportunity to catch up with SIR-VERE for some questions. Keep reading for more!

I love how you manage to render your tracks so personal and organic. Does the melody come first, or do you focus on the beat the most? Normally the beats and instrumental come first. The vocals are added at different stages. Sometimes it will start with a vocal idea. 

Do you perform live? If so, do you feel more comfortable on a stage or within the walls of the recording studio? Yes, we perform live and currently working on ideas to make a great live performance. We love the studio part. Also, we always work on new ideas.

If you could only pick one song to make a “first impression” on a new listener, which song would you pick and why? So many tracks we are proud of, but If I had to choose one track from the new album, it would be "The Crazies," the next single coming from the album.

What does it take to be “innovative” in music? To be open-minded and not scared to try things out, we love the buzz of creating, which always takes a natural direction.

Any upcoming release or tour your way? Our album Lovescope will be released on March 17th, and the limited edition vinyl will come out on April 7th via our Bandcamp and website.

Anywhere online where curious fans can listen to your music and learn more about you? We are on all sites, including Soundcloud, Junodownload, and Beatport, but the best place is Bandcamp and our website.


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