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Kem .SoL has recently unveiled a new alternative hip-hop album: "The Only Way Is Up"


Kem .SoL has recently revealed a new studio work named "The Only Way Is Up." This release offers a timeless hip-hop flavor and a very organic vibe regarding the production's aesthetics. At times familiar, at others innovative, this release covers a lot of ground, highlighting the artist's roots in the rap scene.
"The Only Way Is Up" by Kem .SoL is an amazing achievement from the artist. 

This new studio work will appeal to a broad pool of listeners. In particular, Kem . SoL's music is highly recommended to fans of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, J. Cole, and Dominic Fike, to mention a few. Kem . SoL's music is unique and difficult to place in specific genre categories due to his incredible style variety. However, it is safe to say that he has a lot to share with the aforementioned talents.

For one thing, Kem .SoL is all about making music that is more than just plain old entertainment. He wants to connect with his listeners more deeply through his lyrics and vision. As a result, Kem .SoL is able to make music that is both entertaining and meaningful.

The album features 12 songs, including the opening number "Up." The track starts with a very sultry and atmospheric soundscape, featuring some lap-steel guitar melodies that add ambiance and melody to the formula. This is a sound you don't normally find in hip-hop, so it is a unique and wonderful thing to add to a rap album, let alone having it as one of the first sounds you hear! The key takeaway from this song is: rap needs more lap steel because it's awesome! The second track on this release, "1 Day," also brings a garage element to the mix, going for a very organic sound filled with crunchy drums and vintage-sounding guitars. The artist's vocals are smooth and groovy, adding to the chill edge of the mix.

The following track, "Carry On," has a 90s flavor in terms of production. It combines a punchy drum beat with a funky pattern on the melodies, making the music stand out. The song "Water" also brings a funk-laced groove to the mix, making for a chill and laid-back flow. The song "Questions" follows right after. The layers on the vocals and the effects are amazing, reminiscent of some of the great Mac Miller's latest works. The personality of the lyrics is also incredibly relatable, making for a more immersive and direct listening experience. The song "Reasons" follows along the same lines, allowing the lyrics to take on a more personal and dynamic level. "Family Tree" is a passionate and outstanding moment that brings even more of a signature tone to this release. One of the absolute highlights of this release is probably the song "Disguises," which hits with its old-school hip-hop groove. This track echoes the genre's golden age and has an innovative flair. The track "Down" is another exciting number, almost like a vintage ballad with its 3/4 pulse.
"Falling Apart" also captures a similar rhythm; the tracks are complementary, perfectly dovetailing. The song "Don't U Worry" brings a more dynamic and upbeat flow, adding more color to the setlist. Last but not least, "Show Me" is a perfect conclusion to a truly amazing studio work.

"The Only Way Is Up" is a perfect example of that. The sound is masterfully crafted, and the overall concept behind the music is nothing short of inspiring. In this day and age, tens of thousands of songs are released on a daily basis, and that's no exaggeration! It's easy to see why it's not easy to stand out in the industry, and it takes more than just a pretty melody. Point in case, Kem . SoL's work is memorable because the artist went the extra mile on this release, and "The Only Way Is Up" is a testament to the passion that drives his vision. Combining catchy elements with thought-provoking sounds is not always an easy thing to do. However, this comes as a natural thing to do for Kem .SoL, who is always able to 

Find out more about Kem .SoL, and do not miss out on "The Only Way Is Up," which is currently available on Spotify and more of the best digital streaming services. You can also find the artist on Instagram and Twitter


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