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Juhan Ongbrian and Shane Sato released a mesmerizing jazz-rock instrumental collaboration: "Changes"


Juhan Ongbrian, a guitarist, producer, and mixer, has recently announced a new collaborative release with drummer/producer Shane Sato: "Changes."

Some artists make music that's mere entertainment. Others, however, want to create something more meaningful and unique. This is the case with Juhan Ongbrian and Shane Sato, who joined forces to create a compelling and unique piece of music. At its core, "Changes" is a remarkable example of in-depth musical storytelling. The two musicians actually connected through a social networking app for musicians, Vampr. It didn’t take long before they realized they had a lot in common musically, so collaborating on new music was a natural step forward.

This release is ultimately all about growth. It tells a tale of constant evolution and transformation, highlighting Juhan's willingness to keep exploring new musical ideas and expand his sound. Speaking of which, "Changes" is incredibly diverse in terms of the artist being able to blend different styles. The sound of Juhan and Shane's music is rooted in their smooth jazz influences and has a very soulful spin. Still, the artist also brought some extra oomph to the mix by incorporating elements of contemporary rock. 

There are so many layers to "Changes," and the sound of this fantastic new production is meaningful, personable, and awe-inspiring. Every note feels like a powerful statement, a step forward in a journey through life and music. Every story needs a soundtrack, as they say. However, sometimes the soundtrack becomes the story, which is most definitely the case here!

The song is under 3 minutes in length. Yet, it packs enormous variety within such a dynamic and confined space. The track begins with dreamy piano melodies aided by a syncopated drum groove. A clean guitar melody chimes in soon after, bringing much more emotional depth. The dexterity behind every instrument is truly inspiring, as Juhan and Shane know what they're doing on this amazing song. The drum part, in particular, is quite smooth and detail-oriented, yet it also drives the mix. At some point, a shaker joins the groove, adding rhythm and energy to the flow. The ending is all about offering a relaxing moment where the guitars get to shine fully.

What makes "Changes" unique is that it has something for everyone. On the one hand, the track has a really laid-back mellowness to it. On the other, it morphs into very raw and powerful sections, capturing the timeless angst of rock music. When people think of a journey, one of the mental images that might come up is the idea of moving from place to place. This is exactly what "Changes" does. This wonderful piece of music is a stunning trek from the enchanting valleys of smooth jazz, climbing up to the edgiest peaks of hard-hitting rock music. Juhan and Shane can do it all. "Changes" is a beautiful example of the varied sound he brings to the audience in such a natural and spontaneous way. Ultimately, "Changes" comes highly recommended to fans of artists as diverse as Sam Prekop, ASO, and David Knudson, among others.

Find out more about Juhan Ongbrian and Shane Sato, and do not miss out on "Changes." This release is currently available on Spotify, where you can stream it in its entirety. The song has also been included on our playlist, where you can support Juhan Ongbrian and many other amazing independent artists by following and streaming the selection!

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