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Alex Kerry has recently released a new single: Bad Skies

Alex Kerry  is a singer-songwriter with a truly diverse creative scope. Their music is rooted in alternative and emo, embracing a broader rock sound with a kaleidoscopic twist. 

Recently, they dropped a new single named "Bad Skies," a follow-up to their 2021 album "Oh Well."

Alone in a foreign country and ready to start over with their music career, Alex has had to overcome many challenges. Still, their passion for music is an example of resilience and determination. Their sound straddles the line between energy and melancholia, going for a personal approach that people can easily relate to. The song clocks in at 5 minutes and 55 seconds. It is a perfect opportunity for Alex to branch out and allow this song to break into different artistic avenues, going for a very eclectic mix. At the same time, "Bad Skies" retains a very hands-on approach, which aligns with the artist's alternative music upbringing. The song begins with a soothing electric guitar pattern and a mellow vocal line, which showcases so much vulnerability and emotion. 

Alex has a very ethereal vocal style reminiscent of the whisper-like tones of artists such as Elliott Smith. However, they are also able to take their sound to rawer dynamics by including heavily overdriven electric guitars and big drums. When the rhythm guitar kicks in, the style of the fuzzy chords is reminiscent of 90s heroes like Weezer. However, the song retains a mid-tempo pace, which emphasizes the layered vocals and lyrics. This is especially due to the bittersweet contrast between the edgy instrumental and Alex's soft-spoken singing style. Their vocal delivery on this particular song feels soft and vulnerable. Still, there is a sense of strength and resilience that shines through, adding a sense of reactivity and hope to the song. The way Alex sings endows the song's meaning with some extra weight. Bad skies are often seen as a negative omen, something that signifies the start of a hard time ahead. However, the song is here to remind us that there is always a new sunrise, even at the end of the darkest night! In a way, "Bad Skies" is a song that speaks to the human experience in a personal and relatable way.

Despite the roaring and energetic aspects of the song, it never loses its personal touch. Even at its most rocking dynamic heights, "Bad Skies" has a hauntingly beautiful quality to it. The style remains fairly understated and openly vulnerable, and the melody is still soothing and calming, even during the more intense parts of the song.

Bad Skies should definitely be able to find a connection with fans of artists as diverse as Box Car Racer, Nirvana, Cloud Nothings, DIIV, Heatmiser, or Soundgarden, to mention a few. This song gravitates towards the sound of the 90s and early 2000s music, but it is not only a nostalgia act. Alex is a fresh songwriter who set their sights on tomorrow as well. This is yet another milestone and a new step forward in their budding artistic career. Making music is all about self-expression, and with such genuine dedication to their craft, this artist is sure to keep inspiring new listeners and drawing a larger audience to their body of work, past and present.

At the end of the day, Alex Kerry's music could be described as bridging the gap between rock energy and introspection. "Bad Skies" is deeply emotional, with a sense of raw honesty that speaks to the heart of the listener. It's the kind of music that makes you want to sing along and rock out but also sit back and think about life's bigger questions. It is not easy to blend carefree alt-rock vibes with deeper themes, but Alex achieved this balanced to perfection, and this isn't the first time! Their songwriting chops were also apparent on their 2021 full-length album, which still holds up as a great example of their talent and artistry.

Find out more about Alex Kerry, and check out "Bad Skies" on your favorite streaming services. We've also included the song on our "Dream Punk" playlist, where you'll be able to find many talented indie and alternative artists like Alex!

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