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Blacklight Hotel reveals alt-rock single: “Echo.”

Blacklight Hotel is a band with a broad scope. The group’s sound hits the mark by exploring various influences, ranging from contemporary alternative music to classic rock, progressive, and more.

The group's recent release, "Echo," kicks off with a soaring and intricate drum pattern. The use of toms, snare, and rim click sounds add an almost tribal quality to the drum beat in the intro, immediately super-changing the intensity and power of the song. The guitar work matches the electrifying spark of the rhythm section. The tone alternates from chorus-y clean tones to filthy distortions that cut through the mix. In addition, the vocals are sultry and lush, bringing so much emotional depth to the mix and balancing the raw energy of the drum patterns. The vocal range is impressive, as the melody goes from a softer, lower register in the verses, diving deeper into blistering high notes with some extra grit. Using different vocal ranges within the song is a fantastic way to bring some added variety to the mix. Speaking of which, the production value is excellent. The sound is as punchy and crisp as expected from some of the best modern rock records. Still, many contemporary rock albums might end up sounding a little overproduced, sucking out the soul of the musicians through excessive studio editing. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. “Echo” is polished studio work but still retains the warmth and humanity of the band’s musicianship. Clocking in at 3 minutes and 29 seconds, the track unfolds beautifully with an arrangement that keeps pushing the energy forward. The song is like a journey upward, where the sound keeps expanding and reaching new heights. There’s room for a fantastic bridge, offering memorable guitar leads before diving back into the chorus. The last few seconds in the outro have masterfully executed a well. As the rest of the band slowly fades away, a lonely guitar is still pounding away at a heavy riff, giving the finale a psychedelic twist that highlights some of the band’s trippiest influences.

One of the most insightful aspects of “Echo” is how the song seamlessly embodies the band’s kaleidoscopic artistry by welcoming a wide range of sounds into the fold.

Blacklight Hotel’s music will appeal to fans of artists like Foo Fighters, Alabama Shakes, Mars Volta, Hiatus Kaiyote, Greta Van Fleet, Volcano Choir, and many more. “Echo” is now available on all streaming platforms. You can also find the track on our Spotify playlist (follow and stream the selection to support this and many more talented independent artists!)

Follow the group on social media to learn more:

Instagram: blacklight_hotel

TikTok: @blacklighthotel

Youtube: @blacklighthotel


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